Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Lunenburg, MA to Milford, NH Bicycle Ride

We had about 10 days before flying to Slovakia for an early vacation (and preemptive honeymoon) and needed to take care of a few things in Massachusetts before the wedding. There was some down time on Sunday morning so I decided to bring my bike along and do a long(er) ride. Long Island is a miserable place for bike riding (especially longer rides), barring those few roads on East End. Add to that drivers who feel invincible and you have an extremely unpleasant combination. Anyway. The plan was to head out around 6:30AM and be done before noon, completing about 50 miles. I spent the evening before doing some planning on mapmyride.com and decided on a 46-some mile ride on predominantly local roads to Milford, NH and back to Lunenburg, MA. So I uploaded the track into my Garmin GPS unit and headed to bed around midnight.

One of the ponds along the Mason Rail Trail.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Bicycling on Long Island: Westhampton Barrier Island

After last week's inaugural ride of 2010, we headed to the Westhampton Barrier Island which lies to the south of Long island. There are several outer barrier islands lining the south shore of Long Island - Westhampton, Long Beach, Fire Island or Jones Beach. Westhampton barrier island is terminated by the Shinnecock inlet in the east and by the Moriches inlet in the west. It is not the longest of the four, but it is the only one that has an asphalt road spanning from one end to another AND is not entirely covered by obnoxious suburbia.
Few minutes after starting out of the Cupsogue County Park.