Sunday, August 23, 2009

Mount Monadnock (NH) Hike

A sizable chunk of visitors seem to arrive at this page after searching for "Can you drive up Mount Monadnock?". Well, here is your answer. No, you can not.

After last year's unsuccessful attempt (rainy and slippery) with Francis, Lisa, Andi and my mom I decided to try hiking Mt. Monadnock again, except this Millicent was around to join me on this hike. We decided to get an early start as we were still planning to drive down to Long Island later that afternoon. After a 30 minute drive from MA to Monadnock State Park in NH were paid the hiking fee ($4 per person), were given a map by a ranger who also gave us some good, albeit obvious advice. Bring plenty of water and warm clothing because weather can change quickly.

The White Dot Trail to Mount Monadnock (NH)
First views from the trail.