Thursday, June 25, 2009

Slovakia 2009 - Bicycling around Martin (Part 3)

For this ride, we were joined by my mom the first time although she did have some doubts about us being able to finish this ride, considering the amount of hills. The ride would take us from Ladoven through Drazkovce, Horny and Dolny Kalnik via the first climb to Turcianske Jaseno, from there via the second climb to Jasenska Dolina and Bela-Dulice. From Bela to Necpaly and from there via the third climb to Folkusova and then through Pribovce back home to Martin. When I was a teenager, this was one of my favorites I was riding it multiple times a week.

Top of the hill between Kalnik and Turcianske Jaseno
Top of the climb between Kalnik and Turcianske Jaseno.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Slovakia 2009 - Bicycling around Martin (Part 2)

One evening, after a reasonably rainy day my friend Richard suggested we go out for a "short sweet bike ride" (his direct quote). You see, I have known Richard for over 15 years but have not really been in touch with him since he left Stony Brook more than a year or so ago.   It must be said upfront that unlike Richard, I am not nearly in that good a shape as he is, not to mention the fact that I am easily twice his weight.  At this point I was still blissfully unaware of what his concept of "short and sweet" is but in the interest of full disclosure it must be stated that it does not even to begin to approach mine.

The bike after the ride

Monday, June 22, 2009

Slovakia 2009 - Bicycling around Martin (Part 1)

With a significant delay of more than one month, I am finally finding small patches of free time to write about our vacation activities. One of the first things we have done after settling in my mom's apartment was that we got a bike for Andi. After her dissatisfaction with a hybrid (trekking) bike in the US, we got a mountain bike - Author Solution. Just like last year, I borrowed a bike from my father - Author brand as well. The next day, we took both bikes for a spin in the hilly terrain around Martin, my home town.

Author Solution2
Author Solution.